Introducing AirTab.

An innovative and easy to use social gifting application.

Send all of your friends, family, & co-workers drinks, tickets, & more through AirTab! You can purchase and gift friends drinks from anywhere, at any time with the click of a button. Redeem personalized cocktails at any AirTab friendly establishment. Search for bars and restaurants in your vicinity and get clued in on all of the events happening at your favorite places! AirTab also offers the opportunity to purchase a variety of tickets to charity events, concerts, sporting events, as well as beverages and other promotional items. Download AirTab today!

Sending a gift has never been easier!

Buy a drink and send it to a friend through your smart phone. It's that easy! Choose from 2 tiers of drinks, Premium and Standard then your buddy can choose which cocktail he wants from the bar's menu. Make a good impression and send your boss to a football game on his birthday! Just purchase the tickets through AirTab and have them delivered to his phone in minutes. The possibilities are endless!

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